So you didn’t make the qualifying round . . . what’s next?

It is possible that you are not quite ready for the Olympics this time around, but there is every reason to believe the paralegal “big time” is in your future.  I recommend you consider the following:

1.  What do you already know that could apply to being a paralegal?  For example, do you know accounting?  How a spreadsheet works?  How to reconcile accounts?  Have you handled real estate transactions?  Reviewed contracts?  Have you handled human resource issues?  Hiring?  Termination?  Mediating disputes?  All of these are good cross-over skills that could put you ahead in the paralegal “race”.

2.  What can you easily acquire?  I think the easiest skill set to acquire that will take you the furthest distance is in the realm of technology.  I would recommend that you take computer courses, complete online webinars and tutorials for as many software applications as you can find.

3.  You can work on being more organized.  Buy a calendar or start using the calendaring system on your computer or cellular phone.  Begin putting in dates, setting reminders and becoming more accountable to your calendar.  Also begin to organize the files on your computer.  Set up a system by which you can locate samples of your work and other documents that you might need easily and quickly.

4.  Remember . . . you too, can be a paralegal Olympian!

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