What can Project Management Teach the Paralegal?

I have a project manager in my life.  It is through the project manager that I have learned some basics of project management which convince me that the paralegal is a “project manager” in his or her own right.  That being the case, the paralegal can benefit from learning and apply some basic principles of project management to their work.

The project manager sees the following in each project:  a start and end date, resources (time, money, people and equipment) required for the project and an outcome.  It seems clear to me the applicability of these principles to the law office or legal environment.  It can be seen in the “big picture”.  A lawsuit is a project.  It has a start (filing of complaint) and an end (settlement, trial or appeal)  It requires resources such as money (to pay lawyers, paralegals, experts, etc.), people (lawyers, paralegals, clients, witnesses, opposing parties), and equipment (this could include software, files, exhibits, documents).  It also has an outcome (either settlement or judgment).  It can also be seen in the “small picture” of  preparation for some aspect of the litigation process such as preparation for a mediation.  There is a start and an end.  There are resources required and “equipment” (documents).

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