What are Interviewers Asking?

I want to get some feedback on what interviewers are asking, so send me a comment and tell me the question(s) that you were asked at your most recent interview(s) that you think were difficult or interesting or even inappropriate.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I haven’t been on an interview in years. But now that I am unemployed I’ve been searching for articles that would help me learn new effective ways to have a successful interview. A question I came across that completely threw me off was: What’s the toughest feedback you’ve ever received and how did you learn from it? Had I gotten that in an interview I would have been thrown off my train of thought. According to the article this question is given to see if the candidate can recall specific feedback and how the candidate learned and grew from the experience.

  2. I had a job interview a few months ago which made me feel quite uncofortable. The interviwer kept asking me about my relationship status, it seemed as if the main focus of the interview was to figure out whether I was married, involved with somebody, or single. I felt that this was completely inappropriate and unproffesional. The company itself seemed very prominent, unfortounately their choice for an interviwer was a bad one.

    • I agree that sounds inappropriate.

  3. Sometimes some companies dwell on relationship status to see if you will be able to have the type of commitment they are looking for in an employee. I was in an interview & when the subject came up I happened to be in the middle of my divorce. They pounded that subject quite a bit but I quickly reassured them that any personal issues, and I stressed personal, would not interfere with my training or commitment to my career. They felt reassured & I got the job.Some prominate companies just really want ur undevided attention & see a personal life as a disteraction. Not right but reality.

  4. It seems I’ve always been asked at the end of the interview if I, the applicant, had any questions. I think good types of questions include inquiring about the firm in which you are applying, i.e., turn the question around and let them tell you about themselves. The pressure is off of you and they get to talk about themselves some more.

    Other respondent’s to this thread: If you are interviewing with an older attorney, is it wrong to ask how far off they are from retirement? (Since employers often ask you where you see yourself in five years and/or ask about your commitment to the position.)

    • That is a very good point.

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