Paralegal Essentials – Case Law (Quiz Answers)

If you were brave enough to take the quiz on Case Law in yesterday’s post, the following are the answers:

1. Judicial Branch

2.  Case Reporters

3.  The official reporter is published by the governmental entity (court) itself.  Unofficial reporters are published by private publishers.

4.  The only official reporter in the Federal Court system is United States Reports (U.S.).

5.  Unofficial reporters of Federal cases include Federal Reporter, Federal Supplement, Supreme Court Reporter, and the Lawyer’s Edition.

6.  California Supreme Court Reports, California Appellate Reports

7.  California Reporter, Pacific Reporter

8.  The location of the same case in a different reporter.

9.  a.  Name

b. 56 (Volume number)

c. Call App. 3rd  (reporter)

d.  456 (page number on which case starts)

10.  Stare decisis is a doctrine which requires that a court, when faced with a case with the same or similar facts as a case already decided by that court, must decide the case being presented the same way as it decided the earlier case.


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