Paralegal Essentials – Quiz (Legal Research) KEY

The following are the answers to the quiz featured in yesterday’s post:

1. The court which hears appeals in the Federal Court system is known as the District court.    FALSE
2. There are some lawsuit over which the state and federal government share concurrent jurisdiction.  TRUE
3. The United States Congress has 2 houses.   TRUE
4. Law Review articles are primary sources.  FALSE
5. The President of the U.S. is the head of the legislative branch.  FALSE
6. There are nine Federal Circuits.  FALSE
7. The U.S. Constitution is a Primary Source of law.  TRUE
8. The California Constitution is a Secondary Source of law.  FALSE
9. The Bill of Rights is a document unrelated to the Constitution.  FALSE
10. The Constitution has never been changed.  FALSE

Leave a comment if you have any questions regarding the quiz or the key.


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