Paralegal Essentials – What is your technology I.Q.?

The following is a quiz designed to test your understanding of technology especially as it applies to the legal environment.  The answers will be posted in the blog tomorrow.  The following are definitions.  Provide the term for each definition.

1.  ____________________ an electronic device that accepts, processes, outputs, and stores information.

2.  ____________________ a feature that records the keystrokes of  a user, allows the user to save those keystrokes and then play them back.

3.  ____________________ is the physical equipment of a computer system.

4.  ____________________  is electronically stored information that may identify the origin, date, author, usage, comments or other information about a file.

5.  ____________________ is a high-speed buffer that is used to speed the processing operations of a computer.

For the following acronyms/abbreviations, provide the full name:

6.  WAN _________________________________________________.

7.  DSL __________________________________________________.

8.  OCR __________________________________________________.

9.  PDA __________________________________________________.

10.  ROM _________________________________________________.


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  1. Fabulous!

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