Paralegal Essentials – Tort Law (Intentional Torts – Quiz)

For each of the following (#1-3), identify the torts whose elements are given:

1.  Any intentional act that causes another to reasonably fear immediate harmful or offensive contact.

2.  Intentional confinement or restraint of another person’s activities without justification.

3.  An intentional act causing harmful or offensive physical contact.

4.  Which of the following is a defense to defamation?

Contributory negligence           ultra-hazardous condition     truth

5.  Which of the following is a defense to false imprisonment?

Contributory negligence           Shop-keeper’s privilege     truth

TRUE/FALSE:  For each of the following indicate if the statement is true or false.

6.  Negligence is an intentional tort.

7.  Battery is an intentional tort.

8.  There are two theories of liability in tort law:  intent and negligence

9.  A tort is a civil wrong.

10.  A tort is a type of cake eaten by hungry French men.

Answers will be in tomorrow’s post.  Try to answer before you check the answer key.


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