Paralegal Essentials – Quiz (Word Processing)

How much do you know about word processing (the very life-blood of paralegal work)?  Answer the following questions and the answers will be posted tomorrow.  See how you do.

INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate for each of the following if the statement is true or false.  If the statement is false, correct the false portion of the statement.

1.  Text that appears at the bottom of each page in a document is called a footnote.

2.  Word-processing software is one of the most used programs by paralegals.

3.  The “merge” function is sometimes called document generation or document assembly.

4.  Microsoft Office 2010 is an example of hardware.

5.  Hanging indent is a function used to make text indented an equal distance from the left and right margin.

6.  WordPerfect Currently enjoys a majority of the legal, word-processing market.

7.  Bookmark is a feature that records the keystrokes of a user, allows him to save those keystrokes, and then allows him to play those keystrokes back.

8.  Tab and indent are identical functions in word processing.

9.  Changing margins, centering text and adding emphasis to text are examples of  formatting.

10.  A title or heading that appears at the top of each page of a document is called a headnote.


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