Legal Ethics (Quiz – Key)

1.  In California, another name for a paralegal is LEGAL ASSISTANT.

2.  AAfPE is a professional association responsible for setting educational standards for paralegals?

3.    In California, a(n) LEGAL DOCUMENT ASSISTANT (Preparer) is a legal services provider who offers services directly to the public for a fee without attorney supervision, usually by supplying forms and procedural information relating to simple or routine legal procedures.

4.  The most serious sanction imposed on lawyers for ethical misconduct is DISBARMENT.

5.  For a lawyer who is disciplined, what might he or she argue to lessen the proposed punishment?


6.  True or false (circle one)  For uniformity, the definition of paralegal is the same in all 50 states.

7.  True or false (circle one)  Lawyers in all fifty states are regulated by the Federal Government.

8.  True or false (circle one)  Lawyers have no liability for the mistakes of their paralegals.

9.  True or false (circle one) In California, Legal Document Assistants must register in each county in which they work.

10.  True or false (circle one) Paralegals in California can be disciplined by the State Bar for violations of the ethical rules of professional conduct.

Hopefully, you scored high in ethics.   If not, keep studying!


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