Paralegal Essentials – Contract Law – Quiz (Key)

The following are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.  Let me know how you did!

1.  Death or insanity of either the offeror or the offeree ordinarily terminates the offer.  TRUE

2.  An offer can be communicated by words or by conduct.  TRUE

3.  Alejandro posts a sign in his condo community center offering $1,000 for the return of his prize Poodle, Puddles.  Miriam, who doesn’t know about the reward, finds the dog and returns it to Alejandro.  Miriam is entitled to the reward. FALSE

4.  The “mirror rule” applies to acceptance.  TRUE

5.  George sent an email of acceptance to an offer that had expired.  He has made a contract.  FALSE

6.  The receipt of a counteroffer terminates the original offer.  TRUE

7.  A conditional acceptance is a form of counteroffer.  TRUE

8.  If an offer requires acceptance by email, and the offeree faxes acceptance, there is no contract.   FALSE

9.  Sandy offers to sell her laptop to Eddie for $600.00.  Betty overhears the offer and says, “I accept the offer.”  This is valid acceptance.  FALSE

10.  An offer must be in a specified form to have legal effect.  FALSE


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