Paralegal Essentials: Contract Quiz

Don’t let your brain get soft over the summer, keep sharp by taking this quiz.  Answers will be posted on Monday.

The following are all True/False:

1.  An offeror is the one to whom the offer is made.

2.  Giving up smoking would not be valid consideration for a contract.

3.  Paying less than $100.00 for any contract would not be sufficient consideration.

4.  Contracts entered into by minors are generally voidable.

5.  Mistake is not a defense to contract.

6.  The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) applies only to contracts involving the sale of real property.

7.  Compensatory damages, restitution and specific performance are examples of remedies.

8.  Electronic contracts are not valid in the United States.

9.  A patent is considered intellectual property, but a copyright is not.

10.  A mutual mistake is a mistake as to a material fact on the part of only one party to a contract.


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