Ethics – Candor and Honesty

As we have discussed in previous posts regarding ethics and the paralegal, paralegals in California are bound by the same ethical rules to which California Attorneys are bound.  The bulk of the ethical rules are found in the California Rules of Professional Conduct.   Some additional issues are addressed in the California Business and Professions Code.

As it concerns candor and honesty, attorneys are:

  • Prohibited from making false statements of law or fact
  • Prohibited from offering false evidence
  • Prohibited from not disclosing adverse controlling authority
  • Prohibited from altering or destroying evidence
  • Prohibited from advising a client to commit perjury
  • Required to correct fraud by telling the court when he or she discovers false evidence has been admitted
In addition to the requirements regarding candor and honesty while practicing, in order to become a member of the bar in the first instance, a member must establish that he or she has sufficient moral character.

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