What are the daily tasks of a paralegal?

This is a question without a simple answer.  Perhaps the better question is “What doesn’t a paralegal do?”

The reason it is hard to pin down the job description of a paralegal is because paralegals are asked to do many varied tasks ranging from those of an administrative assistant or receptionist, to those of a legal secretary and even to those of an attorney or law clerk.

It is, therefore, reasonable to expect that if you are doing tasks much like those of a receptionist or administrative assistant, your pay will be commensurate with that type of position.  If you are doing the work of a legal secretary or even an associate, your pay should be higher.

With the wide range of skills which might be required, the paralegal is best served by acquiring as much technical knowledge of the laws and procedures as well as the skills common among those working in offices and handling office equipment.  The paralegal should also begin to consider what skills might he or she acquire that could move them closer to the “associate” range where the compensation may be better.

If you are currently working as a paralegal, post a comment telling us some of the daily tasks you are engaged in.


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