Discovery – Form Interrogatories

One of the easiest and cheapest discovery devices in California is the set of form interrogatories.  Interrogatories are written questions that are propounded (asked) of the other party in a civil matter.

Form Interrogatories are questions that have been approved by the California Judicial Council as appropriate and non-objectionable in civil matters.  The subject matter of the form interrogatories is relevant and not intended to seek privileged information.

The California Judicial Council has authorized form interrogatories in the following subject matter areas:  General Civil, Family Law, Unlawful Detainer, and Limited Jurisdiction.  If you are doing litigation in one of these areas, the form interrogatories are a good starting point.  The Form Interrogatories are available on the California Courts website (

Form interrogatories:

  • are served on a party
  • not subject to objection (most of the time)
  • require 30 days be allowed for the response (additional time if mailed)
  • are cost-effective requiring only staff time to draft (mostly checking boxes) and postage

Additional information and rules relevant to Form Interrogatories can be found in the California Code of Civil Procedure.


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