Legal Writing – What’s it all about?

Many paralegals (and even some lawyers) report writing as the weakest skill area, especially legal writing.

Legal writing (writing done most often by lawyers and paralegals) breaks down into the following categories:

  • Correspondence (letters, emails, inter-office memos regarding facts)
  • Declarations (used as factual support of motions or other documents files with the court)
  • Memoranda of Law (persuasive or objective analysis of a legal issue with supporting primary sources of law)

These categories cover about 90% of the writing done by lawyers and paralegals.  Each of these categories of writing requires a slightly different set of writing skills in addition to the basics of spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure and style.  Mastering all three is essential for a successful paralegal.

Several upcoming posts will go into more detail about each type of writing.  Feel free to post specific questions if you have them.


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