California Civil Procedure (Sources of Law)

law_books.ashx_The body of law which constitutes “civil procedures” in California can be found in several different places:

▸ California Code of Civil Procedure
▸ California Rules of Court
▸ Local Rules
▸ Local-Local Rules
▸ California case Law

California Code of Civil Procedure

The California Code of Civil Procedures, a body of law created by the California legislature, is usually the first place one would seek information about California procedure.

California Rules of Court

Another set of rules that must be consulted for California law on procedures in civil matters is the California Rules of Court.  The California Rules of Court can be located on the California Courts web site located at

Local Rules

The local rules for the county in which the matter is filed also must be considered in determining what civil procedures apply to a particular matter or filing.  For example, the County of Los Angeles has local rules which must be followed when filing in Los Angeles County Superior Courts.  The local rules for the county can be found on their website at

Local-Local Rules

In some counties (like Los Angeles), some of the branch courts have their own additional rules of procedure sometimes referred to as local-local rules.  These are generally a little hard to find out or research online.  Usually, if a judge has special rules or procedures he or she wants followed, they will be posted in the courtroom or given out to litigants by the court clerk or other courtroom staff.  All of these sources together make up a body of law known as California Civil Procedure.

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