Forms and Templates

We are providing some sample forms and templates here in an effort to help those who are still in school as well as those who are working.  Please remember that each attorney has their own way of wanting things done.  Also court rules and procedures can change over time, and there are no guarrantees that these forms and/or templates are in the form acceptable to be used as is.  They may require editing as well as additional allegations, information or formatting.

Please be sure to have all work that you do supervised by an attorney.

affirmative defenses (sample)

Answers to form interrogatories (Family Law)


court transmittal re filing (sample)

Declaration of Custodian


Notice of Termination of Tenancy

Proof of Service template

Sample language for answer

For more civil litigation templates and forms, check out . . .

The court also has forms on its web site . . .

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